updates 10.9-11.6, 2010

These are updates I originally posted on Encouraging Words and am moving over to this blog for the sake of others who want to track what’s going on in this unfolding saga.

Saturday, 11.6.10—Big update today, posted on the home page called “Gender Confusion and More Health News.” Main news: Bone marrow does NOT have cancer in it.

Friday, 10.29.10—Just talked to a doctor friend who was kind enough to look up test results for me. Good news! The MRI showed nothing other than a minor bulging disk, which we already knew about. Nothing new there. And the PET scan showed the same tumors that we knew of from the CT scan, nothing else new there either. This is great news! It means all of my tumors are above my diaphragm and all of them were already identified. The PET scan also didn’t indicate any bone marrow abnormality—but we have to wait on the bone marrow biopsy results to be definitive on that. Those results are not in yet. Thanks for praying!

Wednesday, 10.27.10—Big update today: I’m posting it on the home page—it’s called Cinnamon Rolls and Bone Marrow.

Tuesday, 10.26.10—Nitetime liqui-gels—slept like a ROCK! (Thank you, Lord.) Had a pulmonary function test today—fancy term for “we’re gonna put you in a box and make you breathe like an ape on steroids for 15 minutes” test. This test was to figure out if I can breathe well enough to handle chemo, and since breathing is something I’ve done a lot of over the years, I think I did pretty well. The staff seemed impressed with my outstanding pulmonary abilities. Looking forward to missions conference tonight and enjoyed a lunch with guest pastors and missionaries today. Planning a full day of work and meetings. Tomorrow is the final test—and from what I hear, the most “enjoyable”—bone marrow biopsy. Hopefully I’ll be able to talk to the doctor about the results from the other tests as well.

Monday, 10.25.10—Had two tests today—a PET scan and an MRI. Both were simple, but I’m still praying that both will come back with no new details. Some emotions hit me today, for some reason. Also, did some not so encouraging research, and fighting off some fatigue and illness. Keeping my eyes on the Lord and hoping for a good night’s rest.

Friday, 10.22.10—This week God has been so good to us. He gave me a couple of very good days of work, then allowed me and Haylee to preach in the Washington DC area. I have experienced some wonderful memories with Haylee and with friends at Independent Baptist Church in Clinton, MD. We also spent some time with my aunt and uncle. The teens from several churches here in the North East were very receptive to God’s Word and responded to the messages. Until this moment I’ve had good energy and strength, but right now I feel like I’ve been in a boxing match, after preaching tonight. This trip was the calm before the storm—returning home to tests and treatments. Here we go… :)

Monday, 10.18.10—Drove to Panorama City today for a MUGA scan—a test that creates a video of my heart function. The test went well and is a part of the preparation for chemo. This morning, I’m thanking the Lord for so many things, but one for sure is a great health care system in Kaiser. Please pray that I can get tests done and treatment started by November 15th.

Wednesday, 10.13.10—Getting some time with Dana and prayerfully preparing for tests and treatments in the coming weeks. We are thankful for this trial and for what God is doing in us. We are also thankful that this cancer is treatable and curable. We are praying that God will be glorified and that He will fully exploit this sickness for His purposes.

Monday, 10.11.10—We had our first appointment today with our oncologist. He was very positive about the eventual outcome of this illness. Long story short—over the next three or four weeks I need to have about 8 more tests. A few of them are blood work, the rest are scans and a biopsy. Some are to get a clear picture of the staging of the cancer, and others are to clear me for chemo. I should be starting treatments by about November 10th, mostly chemo and possibly some radiation. Treatments will last for 6 months.

My doctor is a non-practicing muslim man who promised me he would read DONE. Pray that the Lord will speak to his heart.

Sunday, 10.10.10—Pastor Chappell announced my diagnosis to the church family and asked Larry Chappell to close the service in prayer. Strange feeling. We love our church family and sincerely pray that this trial will not be a burden to the church, but that God will use it to further the gospel and glorify Himself! In my son’s words— “Well, when Pastor starts to cry, it’s hard not to cry…” I’m thankful for Pastor’s love and kindness.

Friday, 10.9.10—After making many phone calls, I finally was able to speak with a doctor friend from Kaiser. She read my diagnosis over the phone. My case is classical Hodgkins Lymphoma. Prognosis is generally very good. Strange to hear final confirmation that I have cancer, but resting in the Lord because I know that His hand is in this. Our first appointment with the oncologist is Monday morning. I assume we will discuss staging and treatments at that time. Obviously, the earlier the staging, the better.

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