family pics for thanksgiving

This second week since treatment life has been a lot better! We’ve had a great Thanksgiving break with Dana’s family, and today were able to go take some family photos—something of an annual tradition. Other than a bit of fatigue and chest congestion, God has given me good health and strength. We’ve had a great trip and I’m thankful that all the Thanksgiving feast had it’s usual great taste!

Thanks to so many who have been upholding us in prayer. A big day is coming this Monday— treatment number two. Praying that my body will respond better than treatment number one.

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2 Responses to family pics for thanksgiving

  1. Linda Androvich says:

    What a lovely family! Every time I play one of your arrangements on the piano (which is quite often!) you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Joni (Damey) Price says:

    Oh, Cary….I will pray better now knowing what you are going through. I read your health report after I “friended” you on fb. It sounds SSSOOO much like what my mom went through this past year. Last Oct. (09) she was diagnosed with cancer 3 days after her twin sister was diagnosed with it. My aunt died within 6 weeks (just so happened to be on my mom’s first day of chemo). We have been through everything you talked about….the mediport, the nausia meds, she had alot of pain in her joints, the tiredness… it is all so familiar! I am so sorry to hear of this…but, as we have learned in this past year, God has a plan for it all,and it’s for His glory- even when we don’t understand! You know that we will be praying for you! Your family is just beautiful!!! I am sorry that I don’t remember your oldest boy’s name, and I had no idea about the others. They are so good looking! So is Dana! She looks better now than she did in high school. Please let her know that I will be praying for her and your children as well. I do hope you have a merry Christmas! I will follow your updates as well.

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