LORD of my life

A friend of mine sings a song. Since I first heard it, it has captured my heart… it’s called Seigneur De Ma Vie (which is French and means “Lord of My Life”). I can’t hear this song, especially now, without it literally bringing tears down my face and causing me to want to physically get on my knees (wherever I am) in total surrender, worship, and submission to the Lord. Here are the words to this beautiful song. Perhaps they will encourage you:

What can I give you after all is said and done
How can the love that’s in my heart be said or sung
Just let me try to use my life to worship and adore you

Seigneur de ma vie, Seigneur de ma vie (Lord of my life)
Your touch is a gift from loves own hand
Destined for me since time began
Safe by your side, I’ll walk in your light
I’ll go where you go, hope of my soul
Seigneur de ma vie (Lord of my life)

You made the sun the waves that dance upon the sea
With every morning light you place your faith in me
The brilliance of your gentle love will be my strength forever

I can’t imagine living life without Him! He truly is the hope of my soul! I choose to follow Him wherever He goes, and to accept His touch as a gift from loves own hand—destined fro me since time began. Safe by His side He is and forever will be… the Lord of My Life!

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3 Responses to LORD of my life

  1. Diane King says:

    Dear Bro. Schmidt
    Praying for you each day in Benton, Kentucky. Thank you for your testimony, your words of encouragement for all who view your website. This morning the words to Lord of my life also made the tears flow down my face. God is so good and His blessings new ever morning. Praying for you today as you begin another round of treatment. My friend Beverly is reading your website and I know it will encourage her this morning as she starts an expermental treatment for her Leukemia in Seattle. God Bless you Bro. Schmidt and your family.

    In His Amazing Love

    Diane King

  2. Keith and Vivian Cone says:

    Dear Brother Schmidt,
    What great Lyrics! Thank your for sharing your thoughts with us during this trial…Your testimony is truly helping me with my own physical trial. Every time I see you leading in song it gives me courage to face my own illness because I see our God working miracles of strength, miracles of courage, an a great faith. We continue to pray for you daily. God bless you and your family! Vivian Cone

  3. jeab herborn says:

    When its all said and done our only source and sustainer is Jahweh! Ell shaddai, Elohim, Adonai! Bless u !

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