white blood cells needed—apply within…

Went in this morning for what I thought was my second treatment—you know, got all psyched up, prepared, ready for Dana to be real nice to me all evening while I fought off being sick. No go. In the nurse’s words— “Your blood work came back abnormal…” Don’t you love the way they just throw around these words. Nothing else. No additional information. Just leave me hanging… “ABNORMAL!” Yikes… I’m a freak!

A few moments later, the doctor meets with us and in his rich, Ethiopian accent he says, “I am so surprised… I did not expect this because I just think of you as Superman,” at which time he smiles. “Well, generally, yes that’s accurate,” I say, and we both laugh. Bottom line, it’s not a real big deal. It just means my white blood counts aren’t high enough to have another treatment yet.

In response, I will have a treatment next Monday and the doctor will also prescribe blood growth factors which I will give myself by way of an injection for a few days after treatment. This will promote growth of white blood cells and should make me fit for treatments every two weeks. Don’t worry—I’m fine. I feel great. Just don’t sneeze in my direction or you might put me in the hospital. :)

The long and short of it—I get this week of my life back! What a great blessing!

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3 Responses to white blood cells needed—apply within…

  1. Clarissa Talbert says:

    I just wanted to take a minute to thank you so much for this blog. I know that it must take a lot out of you when you are feeling bad already. It has been such an encouragement to me. I am facing a biopsy on my lymph nodes on Dec. 8th. Lymphoma is one of the possibilities. The lymph nodes on the left side of my neck have been swollen for several months and I have had various other symptoms. Anyway, your blog has helped me to look at this differently. It has helped me, along with other messages the Lord has brought into my life, to view this as something handpicked for me to grow through and to help others grow through. Also before I read your blog about being thankful for cancer I heard a message about that very thing from that very verse. Wow! God is so good to speak to us and to walk with us constantly. Sorry this has become so long but I just wanted to thank you for your blog. I for one have been encouraged and blessed.

    • caryschmidt says:

      Clarissa, Thank you for taking a moment to write to me. I’m glad that this has encouraged you and I will be praying that your swollen lymph nodes are nothing serious… so please keep me posted! Feel free to email me. I’m curious what other symptoms you are having. If you have any questions or just want some perspective… feel free to contact me! I’ll be praying for the best.

      • Clarissa Talbert says:

        Bro. Cary,
        I saw your twitter post on the side when I was checking for a new post, and I wanted to let you know I’m praying for you with the virus. Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner with answers about my symptoms. They are not so easy to come up with. As far as symptoms I have had some itching off and on with no rhyme or reason to it. Itching on my legs, arms, chest and a lot of itching on my head (and yes I have checked for head lice it’s not that lol). Around the first of the year I had the drenching night sweats they talk about, & I mean drenching. But my doctor says that could be hormonal. I have had the flu feeling off and on. Just achy you know. Nausea everyday off and on but mostly on. But for the most part, besides the feeling like my collarbone is out of place, I have just had that feeling that something is wrong. I haven’t felt good for almost a year. In fact I feel rotten, but it is not something you can really put you finger on to explain symptoms. Which is why it was so long before I went to the doctor with the specific concern. Since I couldn’t really explain everything I didn’t know how to talk to her about it. I also have swollen areas on the back of my head and neck on the left side which have gotten bigger and more noticeable since the needle biopsy. Along with this has been some off and on tingling in the left arm/hand and leg/foot. Here I go rambling, sorry. But when you ask a lady for details you should expect details, am I right? Anyway my biopsy is tomorrow. I can’t say I’m not nervous because that would be a lie, but I’m not worried or fretful. I don’t know what the Lord has for me, but I am willing whatever. “The Lord is my shepherd” A shepherd only takes his sheep to the best place for them. I am safe as long as I am with him. God is soooo GOOD! Thanks for the prayers, and know I am praying for you and for your family.

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