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Top 20 Posts of 2010

As we wrap up this year, I want to thank you for allowing this blog into your life. Of all the demands on our time and attention, I do not take it lightly that you would stop by and participate in the things that are posted here. I am grateful! And I pray that you…


The Problem with Relevance

Honestly, I like the word relevant, but I also have a problem with it. It is subjective. When someone I know, who believes like I do and shares my philosophy of ministry says, “I want my ministry to be relevant”—I know what they mean and I agree. They mean, without compromising truth or God’s Word,…


Podcast—Characteristics of Healthy Church

The December edition of the Spiritual Leadership Podcast is now live. It’s a little late, but you were probably too busy before Christmas to listen to it any way, right? 🙂 The lesson is entitled “10 Characteristics of a Healthy Church” and it focuses on the health of a church as opposed to the growth….


My Personal Portrait of Grace

“Oops… I’m sorry…” This has become my opening line more than I care to admit. The scene, on a sick day, is something like this. I’m convalescing in some reclined position, propped up by pillows in bed or on the couch, without much strength. It’s mid-morning. Dana has awakened long before me, helped the kids…


A Collection of Posts About Annual Planning

Perhaps you’ve come across this blog in the past 12 months. If so, this post is for you. Over the past few years, I’ve written a number of articles about creating an annual planner for life and ministry and about personal productivity. I thought it might be helpful to re-post these with titles, summaries, and…

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