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Reflections from a McDonald’s Booth

Note: This post was originally from the Hodgkins blog, but I hoped it would encourage readers here as well. I woke up this morning, grabbed my computer, and came to McDonalds. Today is a family day, but sometimes I like to get up earlier and get some quiet private time with the Lord and to…


My Favorite iPad Bible App

iPad has pretty dramatically impacted my life and workflow, and the iPad 2 is an even better experience! For one thing, it has completely re-invented my “reading life” for the better. And reading the Bible on the iPad is a fantastic experience. In a previous post I wrote about the apps I use the most…


New Podcast—Part 2 of Striving Together

Part 2 of last months Spiritual Leadership Podcast from Dr. Paul Chappell has posted. This is a great lesson dealing with the “how” and “why” of doing ministry. It will challenge you to labor together with your team with a right spirit. The Spiritual Leadership Podcast is a free resource from Pastor Paul Chappell that…


Ideas for Equipping the Family

One HUGE responsibility of those in local church leadership/ministry is the strengthen the Christian family! Whether we’re preparing young people for future family, teaching them to honor their present family, counseling engaged couples, strengthening marriages, counseling parents, or encouraging grandparents—a huge percentage of scripture and of day to day ministry involves family relationships. Someone emailed…


A Wrap Up to the “Saddest Letter”

Several days ago I called the young lady who sent me the letter. We had a great talk and I was encouraged by her spirit. We talked for 40 minutes. (She also commented today on my last response.) One of the most surprising aspects of her letter, to me, has been the tendency of a small…


Response #3 to the Saddest Letter

I’ve been late in this final post—thanks for your patience. On top of that, I’m sure it will be too long. Several days ago I had a very good 40-minute conversation with the young lady who wrote the letter. Her heart is tender to the Lord and I will share some of that in a…

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