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Life Quest Curriculum Available!

A new curriculum for Senior High and Single Adult ministry is now available from Striving Together Publications! Life Quest features 13 weeks of lessons taken from the book by the same name. The lessons are focused on helping an older teen or a twenty-something young adult to move forward in a culture that continues to…


Hitting a Wall

Have you ever hit a wall in some aspect of your life? This is something that I haven’t written much about, but walls have become somewhat of a regular occurrence in this cancer experience. First, there’s the physical energy wall. For instance, I can tell I’m getting a chest infection, so last night we asked…


New Book—In Desert Places!

We are thrilled to announce the availability of Dr. Paul Chappell’s newest book—In Desert Places! This beautiful hardback book takes the reader on a wonderful journey of discovering what God can do in the “desert places” of our lives. The captivating narrative is woven together with the experiences of Bible characters in desert moments, as…


Managing Behavior or Mentoring Hearts?

If you had to quantify your ministry or parenting focus with the following words, which two would be the most accurate? Managing Behavior… OR Mentoring Hearts It’s easy to default to the “Managing Behavior” position—in both ministry and parenting. Why? Because managing behavior is easier. It simply requires a strong hand of authority and a…


What Really Matters Most!

Have you ever rushed through your day at a frantic pace, crossing off as many things on your to-do list as possible? Have you ever finished a busy day, collapsed into bed, and wondered what you did of value that day? Have you ever sensed, deep inside, that you’re getting a lot of “stuff” done,…


12 Qualities of Unjust Criticism

Anyone who serves the Lord is going to face criticism. Some of it just. Some of it unjust. Just criticism is helpful, coming from a loving friend, handled personally, and can produce great strides of growth and maturity in your life. It flows between healthy relationships where hearts are like iron sharpening iron. No criticism…

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