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An Effective Staff Member Commits

I’ve never written a ten part blog series, but here goes! Whether you hang with me for all ten parts, or just read one or two, I hope you will be encouraged. Do you serve on a ministry staff? Are you a member of a team? If so, you are no second-class citizen in the…


Repost—How to Discern God’s Will

My Dad originally sent me this excerpt from the life story of George Mueller. I decided to repost it because it is powerful, timeless, and frankly, it speaks very personally to me in continuing to discover God’s will for my own future. This is how Mueller discerned the will of God. Don’t rush through this—take…


SL Podcast – Christlikeness in the Church

Don’t miss this month’s Spiritual Leadership Podcast from Pastor Paul Chappell. The topic is “How to Develop Christ-likeness in the Church.” This lesson will challenge you to evaluate the spiritual health and development of your church family. More than that, it will provide some thoughts for measuring progress and evaluating what a “Christ-like church” looks…


A New Book—Off Script

Over the past eight months, people have asked me if I was going to write a book about this cancer experience. At first, my answer was to laugh and say, “probably not!” But the Lord overruled me. It’s been two and a half years since I’ve written a book personally. My writing time between then…


Escaping Email Overload

Not long ago I was asked to teach a staff meeting on managing email. Rather than prepare a lengthy meeting loaded with “helpful tips,” I chose to make it quick and simple. We had a fifteen minute talk on the top three best and worst email practices. This not only made the meeting short (which…

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