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A Thief With Principles

You may have seen this. My son found it and passed it along to me. It’s a true story that makes for a humorous but powerful illustration of how the human heart can rationalize sin. Perhaps you can use it. Dennis Lee Curtis was a thief who was arrested in 1992 in Rapid City, South…


Spiritual Leadership Downloads 2011!

Spiritual Leadership Conference 2011 was held last month. I’m late in posting this information, but wanted to share it none-the-less. It is our desire to share Spiritual Leadership Conference with people who couldn’t attend. I’m posting several links below that will help you access videos, audio, photos, and resources that were available at the conference….


An Effective Staff Member Grows

This is part two of a series on an effective staff member. You can read the first article here. The big question we’re answering is simply this: What qualities make an effective staff member? What characteristics produce winning teams? If God has placed you “in the middle” of the organization chart somewhere—welcome! Many of us…


Repost: The Right View of Spiritual Leaders…

There are two very different attitudes towards spiritual leaders. Some Christians seemingly never see anything good, and in fact have given themselves over to criticism and fault-finding. While other Christians opt to be prayerfully and joyfully supportive and encouraging toward leaders. Which position have you taken in life? Just a couple of quick thoughts to…


How We Keep Our Marriage Fresh

When Dana and I were engaged, there was one thing we dreaded—someday becoming one of those married couples that appear to barely tolerate each other. You know—those couples who never even hold hands or exude joy in being together. We vowed to each other that we would do everything within our power to resist the…


Stuff My Daughter Taught Me About Fatherhood

Recently, while away on family vacation, the Lord gave me some special moments with my kids. On one particular day, it seemed that God gave me some moments with Haylee that reminded me of my Heavenly Father. All day long, I kept seeing Haylee’s longing for her own father as echo’s of each of our…

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