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Done—Free for the Amazon Kindle!

This post is all about sharing the gospel with friends, family, and co-workers. If you know someone who doesn’t know Christ, read on: Perhaps you are familiar with the little book I wrote several years ago entitled “Done—What Most Religions Don’t Tell You About the Bible.” It’s a small book (about 100 pages) that shares…


New Podcast: Biblical Vision for Growth

The newest edition of the Spiritual Leadership Podcast from Dr. Paul Chappell is posted. This month the lesson is entitled “Developing a Biblical Vision for Every Stage of Growth.” This lesson discusses the various stages of growth that every church experiences, and how to develop vision for each of those stages. It’s a very practical…


15 Ways to Affirm Your Kids

Not long ago, my son asked my wife, “Was dad proud?” Then he said,”I work hard to make that man proud!” His statement reminded me of the power of parental affirmation, and of how often I fail to let him know how proud I am of him! Affirmation is HUGE! The most hopeless young person…


Spiritual Weapons for Wayward Kids

What can you do when your grown children begin to stray spiritually? I’ve seen a lot of parents hurt, mystified, and shaken by sudden and radical spiritual changes in the lives of their adult children. I realize, one day I may be one of them—and so could you. In these moments, some parents grasp for control—trying…


More Christian Books for Kindle

Our team here at Striving Together Publications has been quietly and aggressively working to bring the full Striving Together book library to the Kindle format! I’m pleased to announce that almost the entire Striving Together Publications book library is now available through for the Kindle. To see the entire Striving Together selection of books…


Repost: 3 Reasons to Get Good Advice

Isn’t it amazing how often people venture into major life-changing decisions without getting any outside, biblical advice. Why do we do this to ourselves? Sometimes we fear that a counselor will have a private agenda and won’t counsel us honestly. At other times, we presume to know what our counselors will say, and rationalize it…


SL Podcast – Staying the Course

The most recent Spiritual Leadership Podcast is one you SHOULD NOT miss! It’s entitled “Staying the Course Through Troubled Waters” from Pastor Paul Chappell. This lesson challenges spiritual leaders to stay faithful through difficult times! I promise you it will encourage your life and strengthen you in the ministry. You can listen above, or better…

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