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My Christmas Day Train Wreck

I have recurring Saturday evening nightmares. I think it’s a part of being a song leader or church service director. But today topped them all! First some background: At least once a month, and some times more frequently, I pillow my head on Saturday evening only to be tormented all night by some nightmare experience…


Repost: Christmas From a 4-Year-Old

A friend of mine who serves the Lord at the BBN Radio Network sent me this link to the Christmas story told by a four-year-old little girl. It blessed our family. It will captivate you from the first word! Merry Christmas! This was recorded and is available on CD from Jeff Apthorp, Sound Amazing Studios….


Tebow On Mic During the Chicago Game

This past Sunday evening, I watched in awe as ESPN commentators literally fell speechless. Then they resorted to words like “magical” and phrases like, “something much bigger at play here” to try to describe what happened in the Denver game vs. Chicago. The Broncos came back to win a game that anyone would have called…


Thoughts On Blogging…

I’ll never forget the first time I heard the word “blog.” It sounded like my friend burped. And the concept sounded about as stupid. That was years ago, and—well, it is self-evident that the concept caught on, not only for me but for millions of others. We live in a day when everybody and their…


A Collection of Posts on New Year Planning

This is a repost of reposts—how’s that for loser blogging!? Over the past few years, I’ve written a number of articles about creating an annual planner for life and ministry and about personal productivity. I thought it might be helpful to re-post these (AGAIN!) with titles, summaries, and links to the original articles. The planner…

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