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How to Survive a Tough Transition

One year ago, our family began the most difficult transitional challenge of our lives. God called us away from comfort and security, and into a journey of seeing a hurting church revitalized by His grace. We were terrified. In many ways, we still are. But a nearly a year into it, God’s grace has sustained…


Stewarding the “In Between Places”

The vast majority of life is lived in the “in between places”—the space between the mountain tops. The “in between places” are flatlands of life where we don’t visibly see God doing something miraculous. These are the places that follow the mountain tops—they stitch the high points together with mundane redundancy. Last night at EBC…


Does Position Really Trump Disposition?

Sometimes cliche statements reflect bad Theology. Growing up, many times I heard (and disagreed) with this statement: “I’d rather have the right position and wrong disposition, than the wrong position and a right disposition.” To me, that has always sounded like a veiled way of saying, “Believing the right things gives me permission to act…


How Cancer Changed Me for Good

(Note: Perhaps this post will be an encouragement to you or someone you know who is presently in a trial… especially if they are fighting cancer.) Today marks a major milestone in the cancer battle. Two years ago today I walked out of Kaiser Sunset Hospital in Hollywood, CA with a set of well-cooked lungs—the…


Tools for Breakthrough

In my last post I talked about breakthrough. In this post I simply want to share some tools and how they have helped me with breakthrough. Here are the top software resources that have proven useful to me in a major way: Evernote—I started using Evernote as soon as it was released. Now that I’m…

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