two days after first treatment

This is the first time I’ve really felt like typing anything since that last update. I’ve been getting lots of notes and emails from folks praying, and I’m very thankful.
This is weird, but I have a movie script playing out in my brain. Scene one—cancer cells (I give them personalities in my mind) hanging out in lymph nodes, multiplying and dividing, and just generally being cancerous (I picture them smoking, drinking, and playing cards). Scene two—suddenly, (cue epic music, and put a Brian Regan style surprised look on their faces as all mayhem breaks loose!) Chemo is coming! Then they start screaming, and running for their lives—”Head for the kidneys! Every man for himself! AHHHH!” (Music builds as cells are overtaken…) Scene three—lymph node bars are shut down and turned into local churches as normalcy and revival return to the immune system. (Cue happy ending music…)

So, when I’m starting to feel sick, I just remember that script. Somehow that makes this all a bit more bearable. Generally the last two days I’ve been nauseous and weak, with a few good moments in between. I’ve also been dealing with some chest congestion and working to keep the digestive system operational (that sure helps).
This morning I feel a bit better than I have in two days. I’m going to try to teach my college class in a few moments, but I can tell my body is still trying to figure out what hit it. Later today we have a doctor’s appointment in Hollywood just to have a second oncologist weigh in his opinion on my case.
Oh, by the way—my swollen lymph nodes have actually gone down in size over these two days! That’s a blessing! Thanks for your prayers and encouragement!

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  1. Rochelle Blaszczyk says:

    Brother Schmidt,
    If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of nausea medication do they have you on?
    Praying for you!! Please remember to take it easy! It is so important that you listen to your body at this time! Rest when you need rest. Don’t stress about the college class, these kids will still graduate without you teaching them when you aren’t able to. You will still be their superman! LOL And be wise and safe about being around too many people. It’s more important now that you take care of your health.
    We love you,
    John, Rochelle and the Kids

  2. Doug Sisson says:

    Hi Bro. and Mrs. Schmidt and family:
    We are praying for you from the Philippines. We are having “Family Month ” all of November. We used your song this Sunday “This Must Be Love.” Two of our faithful dads who have new little baby girls came to the front while our trio sang. Everyone was so blessed. Thank you both for your testimony to us and to our people here. We love your music and they do also. God bless.
    The Sisson Family

  3. Diane King says:

    Dear Bro. Schmidt
    You are in my prayers each day as you go through this journey of cancer. I love reading your website and insights that God has given you as you face the treatments , the sickness, as your share with others you have made a profound impact on so many. Especially here in Benton, Kentucky. I have a great Christian friend Beverly Thweatt that has AML Leukemia. Two years ago she had a bone marrow transplant and was in remission. In September of this year it returned. At Vanderbilt in Nashville, TN they told her there was nothing else they could do. However, a specialist in this kind of Leukemia is in Seattle. This Monday she is flying out to start a trial for hopefully put her in remission. I gave her your website and she said she reads it every day and it is such a help and a blessing to her. Thank you for helping me with updates and humor so I can be an encouragement to my friend. I will be coming to Lancaster to visit my son Anthony and family the end of December through the 2nd week in January, hope to see you and your family then. Praying in Kentucky.
    In Christ’s Love
    Diane King

  4. Dan says:

    Bro. Schmidt,
    I don’t know if it’s appropriate to laugh here but your movie scene was actually pretty good 🙂
    “Ahh head for the kidney’s!” is pure gold.
    Glad you can still have fun through the trial and your walk with God through this is a tremendous example to me.

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