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one day after treatment #3

Well, to my surprise and delight the sun has started coming out a bit earlier after this treatment than the last two. It’s probably because so many friends are praying, and I’m hoping that the new combination of meds is … Continue reading

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back in the chair

Signing on once again from the “big green chair.” I’m figuring out the routine this time. As of right now, I’m all plugged in and getting pretty doped up (light headed, dizzy, and on new meds), so before I’m off … Continue reading

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our christmas

God really gave us a great few days together as a family, and in all fairness, I figure if I’m going to share the roughness of treatment, I’d better be sure to give the blessings of God equal or greater … Continue reading

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possible reasons why i contracted hodgkins

I was doing some reading last night on the causes of Hodgkins and considering where this might have begun. After lots of study, I’m suspicious of the following possibilities (This is just for fun): I’m a Dallas Cowboys fan—this is … Continue reading

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my personal portrait of grace

“Oops… I’m sorry…” This has become my opening line more than I care to admit. The scene, on a sick day, is something like this. I’m convalescing in some reclined position, propped up by pillows in bed or on the … Continue reading

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systems failure—reboot in progress

It would be hard to describe the past two days other than a multiple systems failure. By Friday, I really thought I was pulling out and all systems seemed to be rebooting well. Other than being very weak, it was … Continue reading

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three days after second treatment

Today I was still whipped, but finally had enough energy to pick up a few Christmas gifts with Dana for a couple of hours. We enjoyed getting out of the house together. Still had a real lack of energy most … Continue reading

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two days into second treatment

Sorry for the silence. This is the first moment I’ve really felt like sitting up and writing anything. Second treatment has been different in a number of ways. The same cruddy feeling took over by about 8pm Monday night. This … Continue reading

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day two in the big green chair

Here’s a quick recap of treatment day #2, so far. Had a good morning at work and in meetings. Then at lunch time had blood work done. Dana and I decided to go to Panera Bread for lunch, figuring that … Continue reading

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"be it unto me…"

Do you ever find yourself connecting in different ways with characters in the Christmas story? Have you ever seen yourself in the worshipping shepherds, the seeking wise men, or the waiting Simeon? I suppose we all find varying connection points … Continue reading

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