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happy groaning…

Radiation is going well and starting to take it’s toll. It’s a lot better than chemo, but I’m definitely starting to feel the fatigue/weakness combined with some aching and a sore throat. Every day when I lay down on the … Continue reading

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a crazy week in review…

Week one of radiation is coming to a close and WOW do I feel disoriented! The challenges of the week have been several—continue recovering from chemo while traveling back and forth to Hollywood for radiation, and remembering what day it … Continue reading

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the ark

Radiation is rather uneventful. Judging by the word, you would think I would have a long, energy-charged story of epic proportions. Energy-charged, yes, but not epic. We arrived in Hollywood at about 1pm. The treatment rooms (about 8 of them) … Continue reading

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hollywood, tattoos, and the next step

Well, I officially went to Hollywood last Friday and got tattoos. Never in my life did I think I would utter those words, but that’s what happened. Now, relax. My arm doesn’t say “I Love Dana.” The tattoos were simply … Continue reading

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a new book—off script

Over the past eight months, people have asked me if I was going to write a book about this cancer experience. At first, my answer was to laugh and say, “probably not!” But the Lord overruled me. It’s been two … Continue reading

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chemo recovery update

Nineteen days out from my last chemo treatment, I’m discovering that seven months of treatments has set me back further than I expected. Here’s a quick update on what’s happening.

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