a crazy week in review…

Week one of radiation is coming to a close and WOW do I feel disoriented! The challenges of the week have been several—continue recovering from chemo while traveling back and forth to Hollywood for radiation, and remembering what day it is! One word comes to mind—RANDOM! That’s how life feels right now. This week has been strangely awesome, so I thought I’d share some of it with you.

I have much for which to be thankful. I’m thankful for a good medical plan that provides the radiation I need. I’m thankful for family and friends who are praying. I’m thankful that Kaiser provides an apartment to use as needed during radiation. And I’m thankful for a good week—a good combination of doing ministry, time with family, sharing Christ, and fighting cancer.
The week feels like a blur. The highlights are many. On Monday, some staff friends dropped off a bunch of groceries at our house, which we took to Hollywood. This was a HUGE blessing! After treatment, Dana helped me move stuff into the apartment and we had dinner together. (She did a great job at transforming a rather old and plain apartment into a comfortable living space!) Her grandmother and aunt arrived at our home to help with things while I’m having treatments—what a gift!
On Tuesday, Lance came home from a week in South Carolina. After a good morning of work (from Hollywood), we went to LAX to pick him up, and then straight to Korean BBQ (our favorite) where we sat and heard about his trip. In the afternoon we took Dana birthday shopping in Glendale, and later we met some cherished friends for coffee. That night Dana took Lance home.
On Wednesday, I set out solo and on foot—first for the bank, then Starbucks, then an early treatment, and then to the subway. I caught a train to Union Station (a rather historic part of Los Angeles) where I waited for the train (pictured above) to Lancaster. I was able to get a lot of work done on the way, but also found myself enjoying the ride and talking to the Lord a lot. After a couple of after-noon hours in the office and a counseling appointment, we enjoyed a great church service.
This morning, Larry and I headed back to Hollywood for treatment. Then we found a Thai restaurant for lunch, and in the afternoon took our friends to the Griffith Observatory—an awesome Los Angeles landmark that happens to be about five minutes from the hospital. We greatly enjoyed the time together. Larry and I have spent the evening hanging out together and reading. After tomorrow’s treatment we’re headed home for the weekend—can’t wait!
Like I said—RANDOM! What a week. I’ve been weak and sick, off and on, all week. It’s a bit unpredictable. Generally it’s tolerable, though every now and then the “wall” still shows up.

The best part of the week was that the Lord allowed us to spend some great time with Pastor Dick Hester and his wife Carol—a couple I dearly love. I was saved under Pastor Hester’s ministry in 1977, and he was my pastor for ten years—the most formational years of my faith and walk with the Lord. They spent last weekend with us in Lancaster, and are ministering this week in a conference not far from Hollywood, so we’ve been able to get together with them several times. It’s been a special treat and a wonderful gift of God’s grace at this point in our journey.
I’ve been able to witness some to my therapists as well as a couple of other folks—and give them a copy of DONE. Since I see them everyday, I’m hoping the Lord will allow the conversation to continue.
I’m wrapping up this post with a funny photo, and the story behind it. A few moments before this photo was taken, Lance jokingly gave me a t-shirt that says, “Old Guys Rule.” When we stepped into this mall, we saw a group of benches with about 10 “old guys” just sitting around, apparently waiting for their wives. Dana asked me if I wanted to join them while she shopped. We all had a really good laugh at this one. And for the record, NO—I did not join them—I found a bench far away and all by myself!

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  1. Kelli Royal says:

    This post really gave me the boost that I needed! Random or not – your life is an inspiration. I especially loved how you wrapped it up ~ the ‘old’ men on benches! : ) I sure do love you and your family. With much prayer…

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