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hitting a wall

Have you ever hit a wall in some aspect of your life? This is something that I haven’t written much about, but walls have become somewhat of a regular occurrence in this cancer experience. First, there’s the physical energy wall. … Continue reading

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the sufficient grace of God…

God has been so good to us! Treatment #10 did it’s usual damage, but God gave strength at all the right times. Thursday night we colored Easter eggs with the kids, Friday we spent some time with some new staff … Continue reading

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treatment 10… sick…

Just got home from treatment #10. I got sick again during treatment. Bummer. I’m in bed prepared to medicate up and knock myself out for the night. I’m wishing I could get ahold of that vasnic stuff that George took … Continue reading

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resting, writing, restoring… and chemo-reform

After an extremely taxing week last week, this week has been good. Up through yesterday I was really weak and fighting off chest infection and sickness. Though I worked a little each day, I tried to mostly rest and get … Continue reading

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what really matters most

Have you ever rushed through your day at a frantic pace, crossing off as many things on your to-do list as possible? Have you ever finished a busy day, collapsed into bed, and wondered what you did of value that … Continue reading

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time to crash…

I’m due for an update. This week was another mixed bag of blessings and challenges. Youth conference was awesome—nearly 3,000 young people gathered, many trusted Christ as Saviour, many made other great decisions. I managed to be a part—though my … Continue reading

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treatment #9 doing its damage…

Just a quick update. I know many of you are praying for me in regarding to this week’s conference. Treatment #9 yesterday was a real hassle. Got sick in the middle of it all—nearly twice. Came home in the evening … Continue reading

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