treatment 10… sick…

Just got home from treatment #10. I got sick again during treatment. Bummer. I’m in bed prepared to medicate up and knock myself out for the night. I’m wishing I could get ahold of that vasnic stuff that George took on the second edition of Father of the Bride. ¬†You know, “See you next Thursday, George!”
The good news, there are only two treatments left. They have increasingly become more miserable, but the end of the tunnel is in sight. Thanks to all who are praying for us.

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  1. Linda Androvich says:

    Dear Bro. Schmidt,
    Praying for your healing and recovery from each treatment… also for your dear family.

  2. Rachel Stoner says:

    Praying for you!!!!

  3. Chelle says:


  4. Jocelyn Pethtel says:

    We are still praying for healing and strength for you Bro. Schmidt. I wanted to ask for you and your dear family to please pray for a dear friend of my family. She’s in her 30’s with 2 small children at home. Her name is Nicole Clem and she was diagnosed with a brain tumor about 2 months ago…the brain tumor was removed and she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. A round of 6 week, aggressive chemo was started, (she, like you, has been strong through it all, still attending church from what I understand…(this is a friend from our home church, Andrew O’Neal’s church in IL)). She just finished her final treatment on Friday and suffered a major seizure this morning. It looks as if the tumor has returned. Please pray for her, her family and our church family as we’re all still praying for God’s will, but praying for a miracle at the same time. Reading your blog has helped me see the beauty in an illness and helps me realize that God’s plan is always beautiful. Thanks for letting me post such a long comment, just thought I’d ask for as many prayers as I can.

  5. Charles Cavanaugh says:

    For those of us going through ABVD along with you, you have to say things like, “wow this 10th treatment, while more horrible, is adding a richness to my appreciation of pain” describe it like a fine wine, getting better the more treatments you have, ha!. On #7 next week and you are right, every time a little bit harder. Prayers with you and your family.

  6. Brittney Moore says:

    Praying for you Bro. Schmidt!!!!!!

  7. Margie says:

    Continuing to pray for you. It is always a blessing to see you leading music when we visit Steve and Heather. Your testimony in faithfulness is a blessing to many.
    I’m not sure if there is anything here that you haven’t already implemented, but in researching the recently-diagnosed cancer of a classmate of Heather’s, we came across information on boosting the immune system, etc., and thought I would pass it along just in case:

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