resting, writing, restoring… and chemo-reform

After an extremely taxing week last week, this week has been good. Up through yesterday I was really weak and fighting off chest infection and sickness. Though I worked a little each day, I tried to mostly rest and get healthy for Monday’s treatment. I’m glad it was a light week. Today I finally started feeling like I’m getting the upper hand in strength and a clear chest. Just in time for treatment #10.

The great blessing of the week was being able to spend extra time with the Lord, and also to write. I haven’t really been able to write much in a few months, and it was refreshing to study and articulate some of what the Lord has been doing in my heart through all this. Much of the week, the weather was beautiful, so I hung out on the swing in our back yard.
This was not a good week for physical exertion, but it was a great week for thinking. I’m discovering, through this trial, our fast-paced world kills quiet and robs time to just let God speak to your heart. There’s nothing like walking with God in unrushed, uninterrupted, quiet hours.
Unfortunately, Monday is coming and with it, the chemo-cave. All the good cells of my body are petitioning and protesting. They’ve formed a union and are demanding chemo-reform. They are tired of getting knocked-off with the bad cells, and demanding restitution. I’m not sure how to silence them or their attorneys. They are not accepting the explanation of “collateral damage.”

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  1. Clark and Rachel says:

    This post has been a great encouragement to us. We are thankful that you were able to get some rest & quiet time this past week. Praying for your treatment this coming Monday. Thankful for you & your family.

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