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first-born kids and hodgkins

I found out this week that Hodgkins is most common in first-born children. Just a few thoughts on this. 1. I’m glad I could clear the immune-system way for my two younger brothers to live longer and healthier lives. I hope … Continue reading

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a man, a boy, and a Bible…

I love the way God shows up in ways we least expect. This morning is another McDonald’s morning. As my system is coming out of chemo effects, the stomach was asking for pancakes and my heart longed for some quiet … Continue reading

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ready for radiation

Today’s radiation appointment was a long awaited moment and a tremendous learning experience. I’ll cut to the chase and then go back and explain. Beginning June 13, I will have a daily radiation treatment for 17 days (Monday thru Friday) … Continue reading

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news after treatment #12

I thought I had made it throught treatment #12 without losing my lunch. For five hours I did really well—smelling minty breath gum, listening to good music, doing anything to distract my mind. Treatment was completed, we thanked the nurses, … Continue reading

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one last entry from the big green chair

Well, here I sit in the big green chair, one more time—mask on, fighting back the gagging reflex, but thankful for God’s grace. Barring a future recurrence, this is my last time to sit here for chemo-therapy. God has been … Continue reading

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we press on

Tonight in church, two of our teens sang a song that deeply touched my heart. I’ve been familiar with this particular song for probably more than a decade, but tonight it meant something special, so I thought I would post … Continue reading

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begging for chemo…

Well, I woke up today, all mentally zoned for the last treatment. We arrived at Kaiser at about 1pm where the nurse told us we needed to meet with the doctor. Uh-oh.  A few moments later, we are sitting in … Continue reading

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life in concert…

The past twelve days probably represented my most difficult post-treatment days yet. I’ve had two good days, thankfully. One of them is today, and the other one was Thursday. Ironically, I had planned to take Dana away for the day. … Continue reading

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update on treatment #11

Just wanted to give a quick update on this past week’s treatment. The worst hit on Saturday and Sunday, along with some new side effects I haven’t experienced up to this point. Sunday afternoon and evening the chemo cave was … Continue reading

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leaping the wall of treatment #11

Treatment #11 happened yesterday. It was moved from Monday to Wednesday due to our Senior High Spring Banquet at Disneyland. For all of my fellow-hodgkins friends who are reading this, don’t worry—it was awesome! It was like a five course … Continue reading

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