first-born kids and hodgkins

I found out this week that Hodgkins is most common in first-born children. Just a few thoughts on this.
1. I’m glad I could clear the immune-system way for my two younger brothers to live longer and healthier lives. I hope they enjoy the gift.
2. I’m wondering if Hodgkins is payback for the beatings I gave them during our childhood.
3. Perhaps Hodgkins is the result of exposing myself to so many dangers as I protected them in so many various situations as an older brother.
4. I’m thinking that perhaps Hodgkins is just the price I paid for total childhood dominance and power—and two words come to mind… WORTH IT!
5. I’m wondering how this fits into Mom and Dad’s secret plans to kill me and my brothers over the years. (That’s a long story that I can’t take time to explain right now.) They must have experimented on me in ways they didn’t with my brothers.
6. My two younger brothers can now rest assured that chemo nicely settled the score and carried out any vengeance, bitterness, or retribution they may still have stored up after all these years. (Almost)
7. Even with chemo-damaged heart and lungs, I could still take them both. 🙂

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2 Responses to first-born kids and hodgkins

  1. Mom says:

    Quite certain you will be hearing from your younger siblings to set the record straight!
    I don’t remember things exactly the way either of you do!
    Thankful that you are feeling better, and continue to pray for you and the family.
    Love you … Mom

  2. Kelli Royal says:

    I love this! Your humor and ‘take’ on things brings such joy to my heart. : )

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