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one day at a time…

I’m due for an update. As of this writing I’m four and a half weeks post treatment. Let me start with the good stuff. First, we had a great 25th anniversary week for our church followed by a wonderful family … Continue reading

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one last entry from the big green chair

Well, here I sit in the big green chair, one more time—mask on, fighting back the gagging reflex, but thankful for God’s grace. Barring a future recurrence, this is my last time to sit here for chemo-therapy. God has been … Continue reading

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today was a gift…

Just a quick update! I’m thankful for praying friends. From what I’m told by everyone I know, my shingles should have been much worse. After staying down Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, I woke up today expecting to feel worse, but … Continue reading

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our christmas

God really gave us a great few days together as a family, and in all fairness, I figure if I’m going to share the roughness of treatment, I’d better be sure to give the blessings of God equal or greater … Continue reading

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food binges, solomon, and cool stuff

Had some really nice surprises today! First, at lunch time I had a bizarre craving for McDonald’s. A few minutes later, I was downing a quarter pounder with cheese and an order of fries. The taste of food has returned, … Continue reading

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one step closer to bald

Yesterday I went to get my last haircut for a while. “So, are we shaving it all off?” She says with anticipation. I laugh hesitantly, “Not yet… we’ll do that in a couple weeks. But close to it!” A few … Continue reading

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countdown to chemo

Today, and this week, just seems like a countdown—one that my brain is trying to wrap itself around. No one is eager to poison themselves, but at the same time, I’m ready to kill what I saw on last weeks … Continue reading

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