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Had some really nice surprises today! First, at lunch time I had a bizarre craving for McDonald’s. A few minutes later, I was downing a quarter pounder with cheese and an order of fries. The taste of food has returned, soda is fizzy again, and a high-calorie lunch was a moment in Heaven. (I know you McDonald’s haters are dying right now! Hang on, it gets better.) You’re probably thinking, “He’s a sick puppy!” And, you’re right. I am.

After lunch, the Lord allowed me to preach Lancaster Baptist School chapel—we talked about the life of Solomon—in three phases—a tender hearted young man (1 Kings 3), a wisdom-filled man (1 Kings 4-10), and then a foolish finisher (1 Kings 11). The point of the message—avoid having a chapter 11 end in life! (Read 1 Kings 11 and you’ll understand.) We finished by looking at Ecclesiastes 1:17 when Solomon said he gave his heart to know wisdom and to know folly… and it was vexation of spirit! Sad verse.
Later in the day we watched the Eagles play basketball and then our family headed back to McDonald’s, this time for a double quarter pounder and large fries. (Crazy, I know… but it was AWESOME!) (Remember… sick puppy.)
When I got home, there were two packages from my mom and dad with some shirts and a hat I was wanting (for when I’m bald). They simply say “Life is Good.” I wish I could find the same hat that says, “God is good,” but since He is the source of life, I guess “Life is Good” works well too.
So, today God gave me a good day of work, a taste for food again, and some cool stuff. And, though I am a sick puppy, I am thankful! (By the way, I added a picture journal page in the bar at the top… you may or “may not” want to view…)

PS – is it just me, or am I starting to look a little “chemo-ish”?

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  1. Marissa Sarria says:

    Hey Bro Schmidt!
    I feel like i’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of months. My parents mentioned that you were having health issues and tests done and they told me to keep you in my prayers. I asked them for an update on how you were doing and how the tests went and my dad knew you had some sort of cancer just not by name.
    This past Sunday i went to Sunday School. I was invited into Cross Training. I love it! Bro King is such a blessing and I know I will learn a lot. He reminded us all to keep you and your wonderful family in prayer and then he told us all how awesome you are. I all ready knew how awesome you are but, he mentioned your blog and encouraged us to visit it if we haven’t all ready. So, I did.
    You’re a beautiful and strong man of God. You are such an encouragement to me. I’ve been meaning to write you a letter for… forever. I’m sad that I never actually got around to it. Reading your post on your night before chemo… you’re just such an encouragement. I don’t really know what to say. I don’t know how I can help or give any encouragement. I can tell you that you and your family are in my prayers everyday. It makes me so sad to think of all you are going through… I wish I could do something.
    I know that God has something great in store for you. I love you and I’m sorry I never wrote you sooner. I know everything will be all right in the end and I will always keep you in prayer. It’s such an encouragement to see you in church, always in your place.
    If I can be a blessing in anyway please let me know.
    ps. you look great! I like the hair cut 😉

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