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reflections from a McDonald's booth

I woke up this morning, grabbed my computer, and came to McDonalds. Today is a family day, but sometimes I like to get up earlier and get some quiet private time with the Lord and to think. And, since McDonalds … Continue reading

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itching, burning, and dana's dangerous cures

Just checking in for those wondering what’s up. Mainly, just itching! Shingles have declared an all out mutiny, and while the sores are healing, the itching is now driving away my last remnants of sanity. My new best friend is … Continue reading

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thankfulness therapy before chemo therapy…

Well, even with shingles, the last few weeks “off chemo” have been HEAVENLY!!! I can’t believe tomorrow it’s time to go back into the cave. I’ve been trying to avoid the thought, but tonight Dana and I started laying out … Continue reading

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more HUGE news and a family break!

I’ve been sitting on some news—first because I wanted the official report and second because we’ve been getting some family time the last couple of days. Here’s the story: My PET scan was Monday morning. This is the cancer test—the … Continue reading

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today was a gift…

Just a quick update! I’m thankful for praying friends. From what I’m told by everyone I know, my shingles should have been much worse. After staying down Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, I woke up today expecting to feel worse, but … Continue reading

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23-19! 23-19!

Until this week, I really thought shingles were things that you put on the roof of your house. Well, in our house, my kids have been declaring a 23-19 all week long! (For those of you who are not so … Continue reading

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sidelined again… thanks to shingles!

Got all psyched up for treatment #8, but honestly, I could tell something wasn’t right with my body. While I was able to work and function this week, I still felt pretty crummy—weak and achey. By Thursday and Friday my … Continue reading

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