today was a gift…

Just a quick update! I’m thankful for praying friends. From what I’m told by everyone I know, my shingles should have been much worse. After staying down Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, I woke up today expecting to feel worse, but feeling better. The worst of the shingles has been body aches on the left side of my body, but not the excruciating pain that I’ve been told about. I believe the meds helped me dodge a bullet.
By mid-morning I was compelled to get Dana and Haylee and spend a few hours with them, out of the house. I’m learning with this trial—seize the good moments when they come! So, amid Dana’s protests about my immune system, I broke out of quarantine and God gave us a wonderful time together. (I surprised them with last minute, low-priced tickets to “Beauty and the Beast.”)
I’m amazed how that, even in the midst of such a strange and stormy season, God gives moments when His goodness overshadows all else. It’s like when the sun peaks through the clouds during a rain storm, or a rainbow shows up unexpectedly, just long enough to remind you that the sun is still shining! I believe that Christians, even in the midst of their trials, have more joyful and abundant lives than non-Christians on their best days!
This was one of those days—a gift. Unexpected. Memorable. Meaningful. Even a bit emotional. Thank you, Lord…

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  1. Scott Hand says:

    We continue to pray for you!

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