thankfulness therapy before chemo therapy…

Well, even with shingles, the last few weeks “off chemo” have been HEAVENLY!!! I can’t believe tomorrow it’s time to go back into the cave. I’ve been trying to avoid the thought, but tonight Dana and I started laying out some of the medications for the week (pictured above—holy COW!!!) and now it’s only too real. Sanity must depart once again—though it’s fleeting presence has brought sweet delight these days. So before I get back in the big green chair, I thought I would list a few things that the Lord has reminded me to be thankful for—before I start to complain about chemo:
So, I am officially thanking the Lord for the following things:

1. Chemo chemicals that kill cancer cells—I really wish the founders of Cold Stone Ice Creamery would get together with the makers of chemo. I think they could provide some better alternative flavors and solutions! Let’s do away with the IV and administer chemo in a LOVE IT size dish with lots of vanilla ice cream, dripping fudge, caramel, bananas, and roasted almonds!
2. Insurance that hasn’t cheated me on treatment—I’ve read a lot of stories these past months of Hodgkins patients whose insurance companies fought with their doctors over necessary treatment—and even shorted them! I’m really thankful for a great insurance plan that provides everything my doctors have requested.
3. Treatment that is working—knowing that the cancer cells are dying makes it all worth it! God has chosen to answer prayer and allow my body to respond well to treatment.
4. A few weeks break from chemo—God was gracious to allow me a few weeks off of chemo. It was needed!
5. Praying and encouraging friends and family—I can’t thank you enough for praying for me and my family. Please continue, as the road ahead will still prove to be challenging.
6. Hope founded in Christ and not a prognosis—while the prognosis is good, I’m just thankful for God’s grace and sovereignty regardless of what the outcome of this could have been.
7. A clean PET scan—you can read more about that on the previous post! Amazing answer to prayer!
8. Small pills that are easy to swallow—I couldn’t help but take a photo of that crazy pill case! I feel like I’m 80 years old! (Yes, those are really mine, yes I’m demented enough to take a photo of them, and yes that’s really not all of them—some don’t fit in a pill case, and some are only “if needed.”) I’m definitely going to need reformers unanimous when this all over. Most of this week’s pills are small. I really hate those horse sized ones!
9. Stuff to laugh at—like how happy my wife becomes whenever we are within a couple miles of a Krispy Kreme or how nutty my kids are when they over-dose on family time! There’s a lot to laugh at in the cancer experience—and it sure beats crying. You’ll do plenty of one of the two, that’s for sure. I’d rather laugh. It’s more fun and my nose doesn’t run as bad!
And now… I must prepare to be insane once again. See you on the other side…

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  1. Tommy Burgess says:

    Brother Cary I just thought I took a lot of pills. Seeing your box makes me feel like I have never taken a pill in my life. Now I’m more thankful than I was before I read your post because I do not have to take as many pills as you do. Bless you brother! Hang in there.

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