we press on

Tonight in church, two of our teens sang a song that deeply touched my heart. I’ve been familiar with this particular song for probably more than a decade, but tonight it meant something special, so I thought I would post the lyrics. It’s called “We Press On”:

When the valley is deep, when the mountain is steep
When the body is weary, when we stumble and fall
When the choices are hard, when we’re battered and scarred
When we’ve spent our resources, when we’ve given our all
In Jesus’ name, we press on, in Jesus’ name, we press on
Dear Lord, with the prize clear before our eyes
We find the strength to press on
By Dan Burgess

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  1. I love that song too, Cary. The thought of ‘the press’ … as well as ‘spent our resources’ made me think of that certain woman (in Mark 5) with an issue of blood twelve years, who had ‘suffered many things of many physicians,’ and had ‘spent all that she had,’ and was nothing bettered, but rather grew worse … When she had heard of Jesus, came in the press behind, and touched His garment. For she said, “If I may touch but His clothes, I shall be whole.” First she ‘said’ and then she ‘touched’ and then, ‘straightway the fountain of her blood was dried up’ … and she felt in body that she was healed of that plague. Such courage was displayed through this woman … knowing the offense of being out in public with an issue of blood AND coming so near a ruler of the synagogue (Jairus), in order to touch the Healer of whom she had heard! May we, each one, receive the strength, faith & courage to PRESS through the crowd, past the religionists, doubters, & gawkers, and TOUCH the One Who alone has the resources we need, and Who alone can make us WHOLE (spirit, soul & body). And may we say, along with the father of the possessed boy, “Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief.” (Mark 9:24)

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