news after treatment #12

I thought I had made it throught treatment #12 without losing my lunch. For five hours I did really well—smelling minty breath gum, listening to good music, doing anything to distract my mind.
Treatment was completed, we thanked the nurses, and stepped into the fresh outdoor air. Then, I lost my lunch. Strange. Sorry to gross you out. I just found it a comical way to end six months of treatments. There’s just something about all those fluids entering my body, that eventually my system rejects.
The doctor also indicated, after the recent CT scan, that he thought I would still have radiation. We won’t know for sure until Tuesday, but that’s what we’re expecting.
Chemo-cave is normal this round. And I do have to have one more round of neupogen shots. So, this week is sick week. Late next week I can start to celebrate! Thanks for the prayers and encouragement. Friends and family have been amazing in voicing support!

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  1. Lance Robert Schmidt (Dad) says:

    Cary, I am so grateful that the LORD allowed me to have you as my first born son…and that he uses you to speak to my heart in so many powerful and wonderful ways. Congratulations on your recent recognition at graduation.
    re: your treatments: The LORD is honored and pleased to see your submission to His will even though its a trial that few of us can fully appreciate unless we have gone through it. Thanks for sharing the journey with us to better equip us when our turn comes in some difficulty beyond the day to day struggles.
    It will be a thrill to see what the LORD will do with your life even more to serve Him and WAIT upon Him as a faithful son working in His Father’s business. As we know, there is no greater ” business ” than reaching souls with the truth of how a person needs to be saved; born again and to be a member of the family and
    kingdom of God. Your writing , teaching, preaching and personal witness will be even more magnified by God’s grace having come through this life changing
    experience. I love you and thank you for pastoring all of us who follow your journey of serving our Lord and Saviour!

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