treatment #9 doing its damage…

Just a quick update. I know many of you are praying for me in regarding to this week’s conference. Treatment #9 yesterday was a real hassle. Got sick in the middle of it all—nearly twice. Came home in the evening and literally crashed—sleeping by 6:30 until this morning. Didn’t throw up any more. I’m doing a little work, answering emails, but feeling crummy as usual.
I’m guessing I’ll be in bed resting most of today and tomorrow—to save up some strength for Wednesday night’s conference. My white blood counts were very low yesterday, but treatment proceeded any way. That means I have to be even more careful about shaking a lot of hands and being around crowds. Not a good recipe for a week of youth conference with nearly 3,000 young people attending.
At least healing is in progress—for that I am deeply grateful. Sorry nothing humorous today… my nutty side is under the influence of chemicals too powerful for funny. Shingles seem to be declining—not as quickly as I would wish. Thanks for praying and stopping by!
Only THREE MORE chemo treatments!!!

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  1. Theresa Lacombe says:

    We are praying for strength for you today and will be throughout the week.

  2. Mom says:

    Dad and I continue to pray for you constantly. Wish I could go thru this for you, but like Haylee said, if I did that, you wouldn’t get well. Knowing the chemo is killing all the cancer continues to keep us thankful for good doctors and medical treatments.
    Hope you feel better for the conference opening. Love you … Mom

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