time to crash…

I’m due for an update. This week was another mixed bag of blessings and challenges. Youth conference was awesome—nearly 3,000 young people gathered, many trusted Christ as Saviour, many made other great decisions. I managed to be a part—though my brain would debate that fact. Between a lot of praying friends, and probably some adrenalin, the Lord allowed me to lead services, teach youth workers, and preach once—but treatment #9 was knocking on the door the whole time. I wasn’t in my right mind—but that actually works out well when you work with teens, because none of them are in their right minds either. 🙂

After the conference on Friday, we celebrated Haylee’s 11th birthday—at the American Girl doll store once again. Her brothers just LOVE that! Dana drove and I rested. Then Saturday happened. Crash. I think the last two days, and right now, I’m experiencing the intersection of four major dynamics— #1—chemo effects, #2—a relatively sleepless month of shingles, #3—two long weeks of intense energy expenditure, and #4—a low white blood count. My body is screaming, “If you don’t stop, I’m going to put you into the hospital.” So, I’m planning to listen. I’m wasted.
This week the plan is to rest and recoup so that treatment #10 doesn’t get postponed. I can feel that I pushed too hard the last two weeks. Thank you for praying for me during youth conference. It was a fantastic event.
Three more treatments. That’s both good and horrible at the same time. I’m ready to be done with chemo and to let my body start recovering. Nine times takes a toll that I won’t bore you in describing.
God is good and I’m thankful for it all—the struggle, the blessings, the hard stuff, the down times, and the up times. More later…

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  1. Marilyn Godfreyd says:

    Cary, I just learned recently that you have cancer. I am so sorry to learn that. I know how devastating the chemo is on you. I read your name on a prayer list somewhere, but can’t remember where. We have been gone from home for about 11 weeks. George preached in Valdosta, GA, and some churches in FL. We were at Providence Road Baptist in Riverview, FL. I may have seen your name on their prayer list. Toby and Rita’s tour group sang there right after we were there.
    We stayed with Joey Ford, Rita’s brother, in Macon, GA, and he gave me Rita’s phone number, so I called her last week and asked about you. She gave me your web site.
    I hope you will take it easy now, and get plenty of rest, which you need. I can’t believe how big your kids have gotten. Dana is as beautiful as ever. Tell her I said hello.
    I was so sorry to hear that you also got shingles. That is no fun. I just talked to a pastor’s wife in HI, and her husband just got over the shingles, and she and their daughter got chicken pox from him, believe it or not. The daughter has a 2-month old baby girl, and she cannot hold the baby or even be in the same room as Aislinn. I feel so sorry for her. Her husband has to take care of the baby, and he is being deployed to Afgannistan this week.
    Take care of yourself. I know the Lord is taking care of you. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. His grace is sufficient.
    In Jesus’ love,
    Marilyn Godfrey

  2. Marilyn Godfreyd says:

    Cary, how are you doing now?
    Mrs. Godfrey

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