one day after treatment #3

Well, to my surprise and delight the sun has started coming out a bit earlier after this treatment than the last two. It’s probably because so many friends are praying, and I’m hoping that the new combination of meds is having a better impact. And I’m REALLY hoping something doesn’t change and make things go south again. Everything I’m about to tell you could change before I’m done writing this. 🙂
Last night I was groggy and weak, but no nausea, and slept like a rock. This morning I awoke with weakness and aches, but still no nausea, and best of all I was lucid and semi-functional all day. That past two Tuesdays after treatment have just been something to hang on and endure through. Today, while in bed most of the day, I was still able to read, think clearly, and interact with family with a high level of coherence.

In addition to this, stronger meds for indigestion are working well, my “don’t throw up” gag-cough isn’t as frequent, and headaches have been mild and infrequent. Another good thing—my appetite is still around. The last two treatments have made most food—thought of, sight of, or smell of—just intolerable for several days. So far, that hasn’t happened this round. We’ll see. Maybe it’s a delay. Maybe it’s meds. Maybe it’s my body figuring out how to deal with a system full of foreign chemicals. Could  be the donut the nurse gave me during treatment! Either way, it’s certainly an answer to prayer, and a great blessing!
If things progress like they are, I’m looking forward to being able to work tomorrow and get some things done before the new year’s break—as well as attend church. And I’m praying that things will stay on track through the holiday and Sunday for church.
The highlight of my day—other than waking with a clear mind—was a call I just got from my oncologist. The bad news—I do still have to take neupogen injections. Apparently when my white blood cells dropped, they REALLY dropped alarmingly low—low like someone who has been on chemo for a long time.That being the case, I also have to still be very careful in public and with crowds or else I could easily end up in the hospital for a week. (I realize you’re wondering about now, “so how was this phone call a highlight?”)
Well, he told me he’s been reading DONE. In his rich Ethiopian accent said, “It is absolutely beautiful! I am going to read more, and I want to talk with you about it when we meet…” WOW! Hearing those words from a Muslim really made my day. I’m looking forward to continuing to reach out to him.
So, that’s the update for the day. Thanks for praying and for your encouragement!

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  1. NANCY LUSK says:

    Brother Schmidt,
    What wonderful news about your oncologist. God is using you mightily through this time of difficulty. I believe you will write your most beautiful music ever during this time to glorify and honor our Lord.
    I remember when “Heaven is Silent” was written. It was very special to me. That was when my Mom passed away and I wrote ‘Lori’s Light” for Lori Thomasson’s Mother.

  2. Mark schmidt says:

    Hey bro! Love you. Want you to know we are praying that God keeps using your testimony to reach others. Awesome thoughts on the Doctor and we will pray for his coming to know Jesus the way we do. My friend Cesar, whom we visited with again this week (our bedridden friend with many problems of his own) hasn’t stopped praying for you and prayed for you when we were together!

  3. Tony Locke says:

    Hey brother. I didn’t know. Broke my heart. Adding you to the top of my prayer list. Blessings

  4. Nicole Schriever says:

    Bro. Schmidt,
    My family and I have been praying for you,and your family, ever since we heard about the cancer. Your posts have been an encouragement to me, and I love how you haven’t lost your sense of humor, through this difficult time. God is truely blessing you with His grace! I’m so excited to hear the awesome news about your doctor! Will keep praying he gets saved!

  5. Theresa Bradford says:

    WOW is right! It is amazing just how amazing our God is. Praying that the Holy Spirit continuesto be all powerful in your life and the ones that your life touches. Continuing to pray for you, Dana, the kids and your doctor! You are an encouragement to me……showing me how to do real life for Jesus! Thanks Cary!

  6. BRYN says:

    Hey uncle Carey,
    I’ve been praying for you and I’m glad you’ve put all your faith in God! I can’t stop thinking about you and the treatments and all.Keep trusting in the Lord,

  7. John and Laura Downey says:

    Got behind in reading and this is a wonderful post to catch up on. Good news about feeling better. The best about your doctor!!!!!!! will be praying. He is right, the book is beautiful. Hope that you are still feeling okay. Sorry you didn’t feel so good last night, hope that didn’t last. Continuing to pray for you and the family. Yes, Dana is a gem.

  8. Sarah M. says:

    We have been praying for you! You were brought to mind at dinner the other night, and when we checked this blog you were about 1 hr into your treatment. We are glad for the times that have gone better for you this time around. That’s great about the man reading done.

  9. BRYN says:

    Hey, sorry i wrote your name wrong! Cary

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