Recovery Update

It’s been an eventful couple of weeks, so I wanted to give a quick update. Every week, lots of friends and family ask “How are you feeling?” And the second most common greeting is, “Hey, you look good!” Dana looked at me once and said, “Don’t let it go to your head…” I laughed and replied, “Dana, all that really means is, ‘you don’t look as horrific as you did a few months ago!'” We both laughed!
Last week, the Lord allowed me to visit my parents, grandparents, and brother’s family in Florida. It was a nice break and a good chance for my extended family to see me in a healthy condition. We made some good memories and celebrated by parents’ birthdays. The photo above is taken from my parents’ backyard at sunset. It was nice to sit along the water and spend time with the Lord during the week.

I had a terrifying call this week. A lady called and said she was from the radiology department. My heart stopped while I waited for the news that someone misread my PET scan. “I’m calling about the removal of your port…” (Ok… breathe again, heart start beating again!) My soul! I told the nurse… “You need to sound happier if you’re calling with good news!”
One week from tomorrow, I’m scheduled for the removal of my port! While the surgical procedure will be a “joy” to endure… just getting this thing out of my body will be an AWESOME, AWESOME thing! I really can’t wait!
Physically, each week is incrementally better. Today I worked out and exercised (officially) for the first time since diagnosis. (I know—I’m lazy!) I can feel my lungs getting stronger. And each week my energy level improves—though fatigue is still a problem.
Spiritually, I rejoice in hearing from people who are reading “Off Script.” The testimonies are a blessing, and I’m thankful that the book is encouraging others in their trials. Also, God is really working in my own life and challenging me to grow. The longer I’m saved, the more I really understand how much growing I have to do.
I’m looking forward to a great holiday season with our family, and then to, prayerfully, a CLEAN PET scan in January! Please pray with us for continued remission!

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