quick update on treatment #7

I’m one week into treatment #7, and I’m sorry to report, it’s still winning! Monday through Friday, I was pretty much in bed except for about 4 hours. Thankfully, the nausea medication is working, but in the words of one man, “chemo, during the week of treatment, makes me as dumb as a stone.” It just gets into your brain and shuts it down. So this week I’ve been basically useless—although I’m becoming an excellent watcher of news programs and “I Love Lucy” re-runs.
Saturday I had  a few good hours of work in the afternoon, and then today felt decent until about 6pm. I think energy expenditure has something to do with how and when my good moments turn to bad. It happens without warning. I was thankful to be able to be in church, teach Sunday School, and participate in services today.
On a side note, in spite of chemo brain, I still beat my wife three times (and Haylee twice) at the Memory Game on iPad this afternoon—one of our favorite free apps. The chemo in my head definitely makes it more fair for Dana. 🙂  At least during treatment weeks she has a fighting chance. (Pray for me, I’m in trouble for posting that!)

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  1. Mom says:

    You area not only in trouble with Dana, but with your Mom!!! She is my HERO so you better be nice or she might have a reason to go on “smoothie strike” .Have to admit though, I did laugh! Sorry Dana. Regardless of what he posts, we all know that you are AWESOME! You get my vote for Proverbs Virtuous Woman Of The Year!!!
    love you both … Mom

    • John and Laura Downey says:

      Have to agree, Jo. On all of it. Dana is the best! (but it did bring a chuckle) She is WAAAAYYYYYY to good to you. But we love you both so we are glad. Hope this next week, it lets go of your brain a bit more. We will pray that the Brain is full functioning this week so you can fully enjoy CELEBRATION Sunday.

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