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This update comes to you exactly nine weeks out from chemo, and two weeks out from radiation. Honestly, I was pretty optimistic on how I would be feeling by now. It’s taking longer than I wish. I’m still having daily bouts with a mid-afternoon “wall” of energy loss and heavy chest. And for the past few days, nausea has still been a problem—surprisingly.
But, honestly, I have no complaints. Cancer is gone, treatments are done, we enjoyed a fabulous 25th anniversary week with our church family and friends, and now God is allowing our family to enjoy some vacation time.

Last week, the Lord brought a pastor friend into my life who had Hodgkins 15 years ago—exactly the same size, stage, treatment, etc. His situation was nearly identical to mine in every way except for his age. He was younger at the time. We visited for about an hour, and what an encouragement he was! He told me to be prepared for about an 18 month recovery. Yikes! But, it was unbelievably helpful to talk with someone who has survived this for fifteen years!
The photo above is all about “hair.” My head is getting fuzzy and my family can’t stop rubbing it. I think it’s become a symbol of sorts—an icon of the end of the cancer battle. It must be cathartic for them to just walk over and rub my head. They giggle, smile, and generally exude glee and delight when they touch it—almost like they’ve missed the “real me.” I must admit—I have too.
The blessings in life are overwhelming at the moment. Decompressing from this illness is surely something that will take time. Thankfully God has given us some time and ability in these weeks to do just that.
One of the great delights of my heart right now is to hear from people who are reading “Off Script.” Many have written or messaged me in some way and it’s still a bit surreal. I’m still wrapping my brain around the idea of cancer, but what a delight to know that God is somehow using this journey to encourage others in their own “off script” seasons. If you are reading it, I would love to hear your thoughts—or criticism… either way.
Thanks for stopping by. Please continue to pray that the cancer will not return!

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  1. Agnes Huffmaster says:

    Bro. Schmidt, “Off Script” is truly awesome! I know it’ll be a blessing to people who are not just battling cancer, but also to those who are in the midst of a trial. I’m giving this book to people I know who are in the thick of fighting off this disease. Thanks so much for writing it.

  2. David Haas says:

    I have a question about your blog. Please email me at [email protected]

  3. Carl Schmidt says:

    Hi Cary…… Your new book arrived at Grandmom’s and Granddad’s home a few days ago. It’s been a pleasure to be the enthusiastic “reader” for them (and for myself!). We’ve completed about the first 25 pages. What a blessing! And I have encouraged a number of others in my circle to check out “Off Script” and use it with their family and friends. We’re praying often for you and Dana and your children. Much LOVE from all of us here in Gulf Breeze

  4. Hi Cary
    I love you as my Son but also as one of my most influential and helpful pastors… I praise the LORD for His love, mercy and grace to you… and the powerful grace and love he has shown in and through you… especially this past 8 months of suffering, yielding and ministering in a powerful way to me and to many others all over…not just through your blog and books but more so through your walk with God… your excellent spirit and heart of love for the LORD God , your family and people in general…who need the encouragement and insight the Holy Spirit has given you.
    It is an indescribable joy to see how the LORD is already using and will use your new book…one of our men (age 76) in the bible fellowship has just been diagnosed with Lung Cancer. He was saved and baptized two years ago. The Done book helped him understand the Glorious Gospel. Now “Off Script” will help him and our other men! Praise the LORD!
    Much love and thanks for submitting to the LORD.
    Our LORD’s faithfulness is amazing and wonderful to witness in our lives. Your journey and willingness to be

  5. Pam Hastings says:

    Brother Schmidt – I have read every one of your blogs and even every one of the comments that others have left. The comments left by your mom and dad are the ones that choke me up the most…especially the one above. What can I say? This journey of yours through cancer and the manner in which you have approached is and will continue to be used mightily by God to minister to countless souls. Rarely have I encountered such an honest, transparent, yet humorous and refreshing spirit as yours. You do not talk in what I refer to as “Christian cliche’ talk” but simply tell it like it is all the while pointing others to Christ. I have been a Christian for over 30 years yet my faith was greatly increased by your steadfast testimony throughout this journey mainly because I feel it is not humanly possible to sustain the great attitude and spirit that you have without the Divine hand of God upon you. I love the pic that also accompanies this entry…of your precious wife and precious kids joking and rubbing your head. None of them will ever forget that courageous and triumphant example that you have been to them first and foremost and then all the rest of us during this trial of yours. God Bless you brother Schmidt – So glad that Kasey was friends with Lance for that one year so that I became familiar enough with the ministry out there and with your family to be able to be aware of your situation and be able to follow you through this blog. It has changed me…and how I look at trials…immeasurably. In Christ – Pam Hastings

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