He's never even dropped a pizza!

Earlier this week I was drying my hands in an airport restroom when I overheard a conversation between a father and his two-year-old son. Dad was handling diaper duty and he had placed his son on one of those flimsy, plastic changing tables that fold down in public restrooms. The boy, being at the size limit for one of those tables, was nervously feeling the inherent instability of this device—which was producing some crying and anxiety.
Through moans of uncertainty and nervousness the boy hesitatingly said, “Ohhhhh… me not like this…” his tones were long and drawn, and then he continued, “I gonna fall…”

Dad was doing his absolute best. First, he was hurrying! He didn’t want this to take any longer than necessary. Second, he was speaking comfort.
“C’mon buddy, I’ve got you. I’m right here. It’s ok!”
The boy groaned again, “No… I gonna fall…”
Then the Father replied, “Hey, I have never, ever dropped one of my children off of one of these these things! In fact I’ve never dropped one of my children at all! I’VE NEVER EVEN DROPPED A PIZZA!”
With that, the misery came to an end. He lifted the boy off of his temporary table of torture, buttoned him up, and lowered him to the floor. Standing upright again, the boy’s anxiety disappeared and childish security flooded back into his heart. He bounded ahead of his dad and on with the good life.
I couldn’t help but think of the times I’ve been placed into discomfort by the will of the Heavenly Father—some of those times when I felt I was on a very unstable “changing table.” (Not too sure I like that metaphor!)
In those times I want to moan and complain. In those times I feel unsafe and vulnerable. I wonder if God is about to drop me! I feel like everything in life is about to fall out from under me.
It’s then that I’m reminded—God doesn’t do that. He doesn’t drop us.
No matter where you are, if you have Jesus as your Saviour, you can be assured He is in control. He isn’t going to drop you. And he most certainly will use these trying times to change you! Trust Him today!
“My times are in thy hand…” (Psalms 31:15)

“When I said, My foot slippeth; thy mercy, O LORD, held me up.” (Psalms 94:18)

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  1. Bill Brady says:

    Pastor Cary, so good to hear that all is going well with your health. I have read a few of your books and have been very blessed. I was telling someone at our church about these book and by the way recommended them to this person, and they told me of your website and your heath issues. I to have cancer(multiple myeloma) and for the last five years have been in remission. I to am very thankful for what the Lord has done in my life. Now I am looking and doing things to help improve my health. I come across some information that might be a help to you. At least check it out to see what you think. It’s called the Gerson therapy. The institute is in san diego California and the clinic is in Mexico. Tere is a book you can buy called the Gerson therapy. Bout 12 .00. You tube has information on it too. Anyway, I wil be praying for you and may the Lord continue to bless you and your family and ministry. Again, your books are a great help and blessing. God bless. Bill.

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