treatment #5 update

Well, just a quick update to those of you who are wondering. Treatment five was merciful until yesterday. I actually had a pretty good week—including getting to attend the teen retreat and moderately participate. When I got back into town yesterday, I wasn’t feeling too good but decided to try to work for a couple of hours. Things went down hill fast when I got home at about 4pm. It was suddenly like somebody pressed “activate” on the chemo controls.
Chemo is a strange experience—and add to that the neupogen side effects, and it just renders you incapacitated. For the last 24 hours I’ve just been in bed enduring the ride. I hated missing church today. I think this is about the worst I’ve been hit so far. People have told me that one treatment to the next, you never really know what to expect. That’s proven true today.

No complaints. At least cancer is dying and I know God is taking me through this! And I’m nearly half way through chemo! May will be here before we know it!
I’m thankful for a patient wife who makes sure I have what I need—from meds to liquids to quiet. Thanks for your prayers. Hopefully I’ll be pulling out over night and do better tomorrow.

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  1. Jim and Dawn Fish says:

    We are praying for you daily. We can hardly wait to hear the music that will come out of this time in your life. God seems to use you mightly with your music. Praying for Dana and the kids.

  2. Linda Androvich says:

    My prayers are before the throne of grace… Please know that even though I don’t “know” you, I love you in the Lord Jesus Christ as a brother and love reading your updates…

  3. Elizabeth Fleming Willhite says:

    It is encouraging to read your updates. My family has been hit with cancer this past year, as well as, a childhood friend’s son. So this is so encouraging to hear and read. Will be praying for you and your family daily!!!

  4. Jamie Pulos-Fry says:

    The Lord gave me a blessing on Saturday. I had a man come by from another church and give me a track. His wife has cancer too. I was able to talk about it with him more with real understanding. We prayed and blessed both lifes and families homes that day. I pray for your family and that cancer goes away and never comes back. Have a better day!!!!

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