commitments and prayers for the 43rd year

Today I hit big #42. Strangest birthday ever. Don’t get me wrong. It’s been a great one, but unusual in regards to the season of trial we are venturing through. Health wise, I’m coughing my head off today (and in recent days)—and that’s a bit like being a punching bag. Seems like the treatments are getting worse and lasting longer as we progress through this. It’s hard to predict.
At the speed that life is flying by, I thought it would be wise to list a few basic prayers requests and commitments for the 43rd year that begins today:

Four Prayer Requests for This Year:
1. Strength and grace for the remaining seven treatments (through the first week of May.)
2. Strength and grace for Dana, Lance, Larry and Haylee. They are doing so well, but I know this is a burden to them.
3. Complete death to all cancer cells. These treatments will obviously be well worth enduring if they indeed destroy all the cancer. Only God’s hand of blessing and healing could ultimately provide this.
4. No recurrence in the months and years ahead. I am asking God for this not to come back, though if He wills it, then I will accept His will and go where He leads.
Five Commitments for This Year:
1. I will rejoice in the Lord and bless His name, even during the dark days. No complaints. No murmuring. No self-pity. God is good—period. If I have to moan it, I want to continue worshipping and loving God through this.
2. I will walk with God and share what He is teaching me. I want to maximize the good times, walk with Him, and try to communicate to others what His Holy Spirit is teaching me heart. This blog is a part of that. Every teaching moment is a treasure. Writing is a big part of that. I’m thankful for every opportunity God gives me to share His Word with others.
3. I will love and encourage my family to my utmost. Haylee and I have a little nick-name for me on bad days—Sickme. I tell her, “Sickme is coming back—He loves you but He just has a hard time expressing it as much.” We both rejoice when Sickme finally goes back into His cave for a few days between treatments! In a very real sense, I’m asking myself, “How do I want to live this year with my family, in case one year from now I’m sicker than I am now?” That makes family decisions a bit easier and more clear!
4. I will glorify and serve Him as much as He enables me. Though life is nothing as it was five months ago, God is still allowing me to have days of energy, hours of mental clarity, and times when I can still expend life for Him.
5. I will enjoy the life God gives to me and live each day in the center of His will. Living and battling cancer, I’m learning, is very much a one day at a time experience. Planning next week or next month is a bit impossible. I may not have next year, or five years from now. But I do have today, and possibly, tomorrow. So, with God’s help, I can live today and tomorrow the way God desires.
I hope the kid in that photo survived that down-hill trip! And so, I’m praying God will get us through this for His glory. Either way, I want God to be God, and I want to enjoy the ride down-hill, and hope it’s a long one!
Thanks for stopping by and reading my ramblings!

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  1. Vicki N. Coachman says:

    Happy Birthday! You have been a blessing to many in more ways than you know. I have friends who are going through much of the same trials that you are and I give all of them your blog site to encourage them. Keep it up. Your friends in North Dakota think of you often and enjoy singing your music in our church choir.

  2. The Grants says:

    Happy Belated Birthday! Your websites continue to bless and help. Please know that you are prayed for here in snowy Nebraska! We pray for your family and ministry as well. You’ve been an encouragement to so many and we hope you will be encouraged in return! God bless you!

  3. Melissa Pettit says:

    Happy Birthday! I received your blog from a friend about a week ago, it has been such an encouragement to me. We want you to know we are praying for you and your family during this difficult time in you life. I am reading this blog to my two oldest kids, and teaching them to pray for others (they are 10 and 7). Praying God gives you more good days than bad. God bless you!

    • Mohammed says:

      THAT is awesome news!! There is soeurisly something in the water this year as I feel like EVERYBODY is pregnant (except me! LOL!) Congratulations to you all and I hope DJ is a fabulous big brother. (Although he has alot to live up to as Danyelle is obviously an amazing big sister!)Congratulations!!

  4. Nicole Schriever says:

    Happy belated birthday Bro. Schmidt! Thank you sharing your journey with all of us. You are an encouragement, and a blessing! You and your family are continually in our prayers.

  5. Deanna says:

    Happy Birthday! I’m praying for you and your family. Your website is an encouragement to me. You are always rejoicing even with the trial you’ re going through right now which is a blessing to me to know that we don’t need to be sadden with the situations we’re in. God bless you!

  6. “Enjoying the ride”….that’s my life motto! I know that some days it truly is hard but just remember all the people that you are encouraging and blessing – that helps keep you going!
    Praying for you!! May God grant your requests!

  7. Aaron says:

    Never met you Bro. Schmidt, but am praying for you. Right now I am waiting on results from a biopsy that they think is cancer. Not feeling very well right now, but I am pressing forward the best I can in God’s work! Your blog was an encouragement to my life and my ministry.

  8. Caleb McCollum says:

    Hey Bro. Schmidt,
    Your life is a shining testimony of the grace of God. I am encouraged by it. You spent a good number of years praying for me as a teen. I am glad I get to pray for you each day as well. I don’t care what anyone else says, I think you look great bald. It runs a close second to my dad. God Bless you as you continue this strange journey of God’s amazing goodness. Happy Birthday!
    Striving Together,
    Caleb McCollum

  9. Jocelyn Pethtel says:

    Hi Bro. Schmidt,
    My husband and I very much enjoyed your session on Saturday at the couples’ retreat. We will be married 4 years in March and they have been 4 very eventful years with 2 miscarriages, 2 children and our 3rd child due in May. We’ve overcome deaths in the family and health issues along the way as well. We are facing a somewhat scary appointment on Wednesday for my husband, but I pray that we can approach it with half of the faith and boldness that you approach your cancer. You inspire me every time you stand in front of the church to lead singing, and watching your sweet wife makes me strive to be a better wife to my husband through this trial in our life. Praying for you and your family daily and excited to see the plans that God has while they unfold in front our eyes. Praying for your treatment today and for this week…for more good days than bad.

  10. Theresa Bradford says:

    Happy Birthday Cary! Thanks for sharing all your personal journey. It encourages me and keeps me focused on Jesus as I walk, run, stumble and tumble through life. I pray for you, your family, your healing and your ministry. You are a bright light…keep shining!
    Jesus love you. This I know.

  11. Michael Lewis says:

    Happy Birthday Bro.Schmidt! Thanks for all you do and for your incredible testimony.
    Michael Lewis

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