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hair happiness…

This update comes to you exactly nine weeks out from chemo, and two weeks out from radiation. Honestly, I was pretty optimistic on how I would be feeling by now. It’s taking longer than I wish. I’m still having daily … Continue reading

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thank you, thank you, thank you…

There is much I wish to write and say about where I am presently with this battle, but in this post I just want to pause to say thank you! At this moment, I have completed treatment (7 months of … Continue reading

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treatment complete

Today I made my last walk from the apartment to the hospital. A few moments later, it was a bit surreal to emerge from the treatment room for the last time. As I stepped out of the hospital onto Sunset … Continue reading

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a crazy week in review…

Week one of radiation is coming to a close and WOW do I feel disoriented! The challenges of the week have been several—continue recovering from chemo while traveling back and forth to Hollywood for radiation, and remembering what day it … Continue reading

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the ark

Radiation is rather uneventful. Judging by the word, you would think I would have a long, energy-charged story of epic proportions. Energy-charged, yes, but not epic. We arrived in Hollywood at about 1pm. The treatment rooms (about 8 of them) … Continue reading

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hollywood, tattoos, and the next step

Well, I officially went to Hollywood last Friday and got tattoos. Never in my life did I think I would utter those words, but that’s what happened. Now, relax. My arm doesn’t say “I Love Dana.” The tattoos were simply … Continue reading

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chemo recovery update

Nineteen days out from my last chemo treatment, I’m discovering that seven months of treatments has set me back further than I expected. Here’s a quick update on what’s happening.

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ready for radiation

Today’s radiation appointment was a long awaited moment and a tremendous learning experience. I’ll cut to the chase and then go back and explain. Beginning June 13, I will have a daily radiation treatment for 17 days (Monday thru Friday) … Continue reading

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news after treatment #12

I thought I had made it throught treatment #12 without losing my lunch. For five hours I did really well—smelling minty breath gum, listening to good music, doing anything to distract my mind. Treatment was completed, we thanked the nurses, … Continue reading

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one last entry from the big green chair

Well, here I sit in the big green chair, one more time—mask on, fighting back the gagging reflex, but thankful for God’s grace. Barring a future recurrence, this is my last time to sit here for chemo-therapy. God has been … Continue reading

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